Guatemala and a New Adventure

When I tell y’all how much in love I am with Mexico City, CDMX, Ciudad de Mexico, DF, Distrito Federal and everything that comes with it…it has changed my life, made me a brand new person, and gave me a life I could only dream of.

But…it’s time for a new adventure. ️

I honestly cannot bring children here to Mexico to learn Spanish (or another Spanish speaking country) until I am fluent myself. I’m about 50% fluent. I will be back in Mexico in a few months after doing a homestay in Guatemala and fully immersing myself in the language. I will do nothing but study and practice my Spanish while there. You can follow my journey with my podcast and personal blog.

Soy Mexicana por vida! 🇲🇽 Siiiiiii!

I leave in less than a week.

Stay tuned…

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