Approved for Google for Nonprofits

We have been approved for Google for Nonprofits! Google is SO HELPFUL for nonprofits. We can now be part of the One Today program which allows us to be showcased on the One Today app and find new donors all over the world. There are no fees when you decided to donate to us through Google.

An update on the founder, Elyse Robinson: I’m still in Antigua, Guatemala and this will be my last week of Spanish. I will be returning to the states for my birthday and seeing my family. Can’t believe I haven’t seen them in 5 months! My journey to becoming fluent will be another 4 months at least of study. As you can see, I’m slowly but surely lining things up to be ready for the first group of young people. Read more on the keenreadyCOM personal blog HERE.

Approved for Google for Nonprofits!
Approved for Google for Nonprofits!

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